Legal practice in lockdown

Law in a time of lockdown

Legal practice in lockdown

Law practitioners are orthodox by nature. Our learning has been grounded in historical cases and the law in itself is steeped in tradition. But the world is fast changing around us and especially now, as the world battles the unseen threat of the novel coronavirus, the fourth industrial revolution will be accelerated.

The adoption and impact of technology has been fairly limited in legal practice, but as all other industries are learning to embrace the digital age, the legal profession and its practitioners must also follow suit or risk being left out of a new economy.

Just three weeks ago, the idea that the world is moving towards cloud-based technologies was not a primary thought of those practising law, but the COVID-19 virus has, without doubt, brought this home for many firms.

What used to be the biggest hurdle in marketing technology to law firms was to overcome the traditional way of thinking and to dispel their fears of technology. While the Legal Practice Act, which came into effect in 2019, was always bound to shake up the industry, the lockdowns globally associated with COVID-19 are bound to do more to steer legal practitioners into a digital age.

Now, more than ever, firms need to realise that if they do not adapt to the digital way of working, their livelihoods will be impacted. Aside from the fact that clients will be looking for firms that can transact digitally, the safety of those employed in firms must also be considered.

Already, the profession has become extremely competitive to the extent that attorneys work much longer hours for the same amount of money compared to 5 or even 2 years ago.

This has already necessitated tools to assist with automatic document generation, billing and many other daily tasks attorneys are required to perform. And still, many firms were reluctant to make that change.

Now there is an opportunity to adapt and adapt quickly. Especially given that even the courts are moving towards digital with the introduction of the e-filing system in the Johannesburg and Pretoria High Courts.

With all this change, what is clear is that smaller firms will need to be far more dynamic and adaptable than their larger counterparts. But finding the right tools for smaller firms can be exceptionally daunting. There are few services available in the market that are legally focussed, and even fewer that are affordable.

That is why I launched LawBox. In my small firm, I found a desperate need for affordable, scalable and useful tools that suited my business and its needs. It offers firms of all sizes an easy entry into the digital world of the Law and allows even the smallest of firms an affordable way to manage their day-to-day requirements.

Automating daily tasks, like document generation, billing and trust management is what will give solo practitioners and small firms the edge during this time of lockdown, all while keeping their clients and themselves safe.

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and is, by all accounts, accelerated by the dramatic measures governments around the world are putting in place to protect their citizenry. Now is the perfect chance for law firms to make the change and embrace the digital world.

About LawBox

LawBox has grown into a company built on intellectual capital and research and we are driven by inquisitive people with an immense passion for legal management. At LawBox we take pride in helping our clients take control of their law firms through the utilization of our innovative products and services complementing the unique solutions we provide. We aim to streamline all processes through technology utilizing our companies drive and passion for Law firms.

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