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Lawbox provides the tools to easily customize your invoice with your branding and automatically calculate and process your fees and disbursements.

Automatically send your incoices in bulk to keep up to date with your debters.

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Practice Management Invoicing Explained

Manage and keep track of invoices as well as easy communication to clients on payments. A fantastic tool to keep on top of outstanding funds and disbursements!

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Generate invoices with ease

Generating invoices within the flow of your business has been made simple and easy whilst also taking control of your finances.

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Customize invoice

Our invoice generation is customizable to your corporate identity to include your logo, address and contact details.

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View and send statements reflecting balance

Easely post fees and disbursements . View and send balance statements and follow up on outstraning debters. Dispatch invoices via bulk e-mail.

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Draw detailed and relevant billing reports

Our dashboard displays transactions visually to easily get a snapshot of outstanding and outgoing funds to empower you with each client and matter.



The system was built to make complicated tasks easier and after training, you will feel confident in using the system. We offer support for any queries or questions on how to do certain functions within the system.


Assist in migrating data to Lawbox through our software API. We know that existing data must be maintained and encourage all practices to migrate as much of their old data as possible to lessen the burden of running multiple systems or procedures.

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