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At LawBox, we understand the importance of small firms and the challenges that come with starting a new law practice. Our software was actually created by a solo practitioner who wanted to make sure that all the bases were covered and Business and Trust Account Management compliancy rules were strictly adhered to – with minimal effort.

We want to support small firms as they get their practices off the ground, which is why we are offering an incredible rate for those firms just starting out. To assist your new, small firm, we are offering you the first 4 months on LawBox at R250 per month, which is a significant 62% off our standard rate of R650 per month.

We understand that cash can be tight when building up a client base, and we believe that the LawBox practice management software will play an integral role in minimizing your administrative hassle, so you can focus on the two most important aspects of building a new firm – getting clients and practicing law.

Our interactive dashboard gives you a holistic view of your practice, highlighting your posted fees, LPC Health, Invoiced vs. Payment, and New Matters. From intake to invoice, we have you covered. Our software includes practice management, invoicing, and Trust Accounting all in one place. Thanks to the service being cloud-based, you can access it whenever, wherever.

If you started your practice within the past 3 months, get in touch with us to take advantage of our offer. If you want to get a feel for what LawBox can do for you, register for a two-week free trial here.

We take pride in helping our clients take control of their law firms and become an integral part of their law firm success story. Join LawBox today, and let us help you take your practice to the next level!

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