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The Importance of Trust Accounting & Audit Preparation in Legal Practice

As a small law firm in South Africa, one of the critical areas that you need to be acutely aware of and meticulously handle is trust accounting and audit preparation. Not only does effective trust accounting ensure that your firm maintains a solid reputation, but it...

LawBox supports small business with discounted rate for new practices

As a company that supports small business development and understands how tough the first few months of getting your own practice off the ground can be, LawBox is now offering this rate to new businesses as a standard business practice.

Best Practices In Respect of Client Records

Since the formation of the Legal Practice Council, lawyers have been compelled to come to terms with a regulatory body which is much more hands-on than its predecessor. The Legal Practice Council is constantly prescribing new required practices for all legal...

Let practicing the law be your core business with LawBox

Let practicing the law be your core business with LawBox

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